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YAAR! Thailand


In Thailand, MORU researchers are working with young people from the Bangkok Health Research Interest Group (HREIG) and Heathfield International School to co-create engagement materials for young people.


Professor Phaik Yeong Cheah is the overall lead for Thailand. Ravikanya Prapharsavat (Kaew) leads the in-country survey development, is the AMR expert in the Thai films, and coordinates the AMR engagement activities with the Youth Working Group and Youth Advisory Group. Supa-at Asarath (Ice) led the film and media development for the project. Tassawan Poomchaichote leads in national curriculum review, and supports logistics of all school activities. Dr. Anne Osterrieder and Professor Direk Limmathurotsakul provide valuable support. 







Youth Working Group Members

1. Wuttipat Kulkantrakorn (Dome)

2. Tawanrat Marit (Prae)

Youth Against Antimicrobial Resistance Member


1. Sasi Thonglek (Aimily) / ศศิ ทองเล็ก 

2. Ploysai Ploymanee / พลอยใส พลอยมณี

3. Tull Luangmahanaka / ตุลย์ เหลืองมหานาคะ 

4. Pupe Trannitad / ตวงรัตน์ ธารนิทัศน์

5. Erika Yochanang / เอริกา โยชนัง

6. Prempreeda Loyrithiwutikrai (Jian) / เปรมปรีดา ลอยฤทธิวิฒิไกร

7. Phatcharaamphorn Srikaraket (Fahsai) / พัชรอัมพร ศรีการะเกต

8. Payut Jitbanjongkij (Pine)  /  ภายุต จิตบรรจงกิจ

9. Jidapa Alice Caple / จิดาภา แอลลิซ เคเปิล

10. Methawin Eiamruekchai (Ink) / เมธาวิน เอี่ยมฤกษ์ชัย


We would like to acknowledge the Headmaster of Heathfield International School, Bangkok,
Mr. David Aitchison, and Head of Secondary, Ms. Lucy Pilkington, for their help facilitating the YWG, and with the development of the survey and the film.

Photo of YAAR Thailand Youth Working Group
Photo of Kaew with YAAR Thailand Youth Advisory Group members

Kaew (centre) with Youth Working Group Members

Photo of YAAR Thailand Youth Working Group

YAAR! Thailand Members

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