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YAAR! Nepal

YAAR! Nepal team is a part of the global effort to combat the challenge of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). The team is led by Dr Abhilasha Karkey. Ashata Dahal coordinates the weekly meeting with the Youth Working Group (YWG) and Youth Advisory Group (YAG) and has facilitated data collection. The overall YAAR! activities are closely monitored Dr Sabina Dongol who contributed to the survey development, together with other team members. Summita Udas Shakya has helped the team in celebration of World Antibiotics Awareness Week (WAAW) 2020. 











YAAR! Nepal team is a diverse team of Economics graduate Summi Rajbhandari (24 years old) and Public Health undergraduate, Ayusha Prajapati (23 years old) who are the Youth Advisory Board (YAG) members. The YAGs coordinate the team of 8 Youth Working Group (YWG) who are 16-20 years old school going enthusiastic students looking forward to contributing their effort in the fight against AMR.







Youth Working Group members

Ayusha Lamsal, 17 years old, is in grade 12 doing her major in biology student at Khawa Higher Secondary School.

Anchit Acharya, 18 years old is currently in grade 12. 

Pritika Thapa Shrestha, 16 years old, a 10th grader wants to know more about AMR. 

Swikriti Adhikari, 16 years old, is currently in her 10th grade from Baba boarding high school. 

Suman Tachamo, 17 years old, is a student of physics and studies in grade 12 at Khwopa College.

Sumnima Shakya, 19 years old is doing her Bachelors in Information Management (IT) from Nagarjuna College of Information Technology.

Aashrita Shakya is 17 years old and studies in grade 11. She is a biology student from United Academy.

Stutika Thapa Shrestha, 16 years old, completed her 10th and currently studies at Global School of Science. She aspires to be a microbiologist in future. 



Members of Youth Advisory Group

Ayusha Prajapati, 23 years old, is a public health student. She is also engaged as an active board member of public and community engagement committee of OUCRU-NP. 

Sumi Rajbhandari is doing her Masters Degree in Economics and also has actively involved in other engagement activities organized by OUCRU-NP. 

Photo of Ayusha Prajapati
Photo of Sumi Rajbhandari
Photo of Ashata Dahal

Ashata Dahal

Photo of Sabina Dongol

Sabina Dongol

Photo of Summita Udas

Summita Udas

Photo of virtual meeting of YAAR! Nepal Youth Working Group

Virtual meeting of YAAR! Nepal Youth Working Group

Photo of Ayusha Lamsal


Photo of Suman Tachamo


Photo of Anchit Acharya


Photo of Sumnina Shakya


Photo of Pritika Thapa Shrestha


Photo of Aashrita Shakya


Photo of Swikriti Adhikari


Stutika Thapa Shrestha




Watch YWG members talking about their involvement in
YAAR! Nepal

YAAR! Nepal AMR poem


Swikriti Adhikari, YAAR! Nepal Youth Working Group volunteer, has jotted down her experience of learning about and raising awareness of antimicrobial resistance into a beautiful poem.

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