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YAAR! Kenya


In Kenya, we are implementing a youth-led project to explore the views and understanding of young people on AMR, to design engagement activities and create awareness of AMR, including through survey administration and film.


The project leads in Kenya are Professor Sam Kinyanjui and Dr Alun Davies. Alex Hinga coordinates the project, including meetings with the Youth Working Group, data collection and engagement activities. Our Youth Advisory Board members, Ammy Dama and Clement Nyiro, advised on survey development and engagement activities. Youth Working Group members contributed to survey development, including interpretation and translation of questions, shared their views on youth understanding of AMR and experiences with school curriculum around AMR, and designed and implemented engagement activities, including drama and spoken word performances. Solomon Mutuku has led project filming, including filming discussions between AMR expert and young people. The AMR expert in the Kenya films is Professor Ifedayo Adetifa.

Photo of Sam Kinyanjui

Prof. Sam Kinyanjui

Photo of Ammy Dama

Ammy Dama

Photo of Alun Davies

Dr Alun Davies

Photo of Clement Nyiro

Clement Nyiro

Photo of Alex Hinga

Alex Hinga

Photo of Solomon Mutuku

Solomon Mutuku

We have worked closely with Connect to Retain, which is a community-based organization operating in Kilifi with a focus on youth wellbeing. Connect to Retain is led by Nassim Jahangir. Emmanuel Mwakera from Connect to Retain has been coordinating engagements with Youth Working Group with support from Jacinta Mbeyu.

Logo of Connect 2 Retain, a community youth wellbeing organisation
Photo of Nassim Jahangir

Nassim Jahangir

Nassim leads Connect to Retain - A grass root, nonprofit, youth led and youth serving community-based organization (CBO) in Kilifi Kenya, that works with Adolescents and Young People living in the coastal region of Kenya, and runs programs around Health, Education, Entrepreneurship and Policy Advocacy

Kenya Youth Working Group Members


Rajab Mustafa, Sera Felister, Maxwel Kithole, Shadrack Jambo, Lucky Katana, Tumaini Donald, 
Elison Nyanj, Jackline Konzi, Joyce Mwanza, Maryam Badruni

Photo of YAAR Kenya Youth Working Group members and facilitators (from left): Jacinta, Alex Serah, Emmanuel, Tumaini, Ellson and Joy

YWG members and facilitators (from left): Jacinta, Alex Serah, Emmanuel, Tumaini, Ellson, Joy

Photo of YAAR Kenya Youth Working Group members practicing peer to peer interviewing

YWG members practicing peer-to-peer interviewing

Photo of YAAR Kenya Youth Working Group meeting

YWG meeting

Photo of YAAR Kenya Youth Working Group communication skills training

YWG communication skills training

Fleming's Plate:
A poem written by Alex Hinga

Performed by Joyce Mwanza of Kilifi, Kenya, to create awareness of antibiotic resistance as part
of YAAR! Kenya's youth-led campaign against antimicrobial resistance.

Viruses laugh in the face of antibiotics. 

The strongest antibiotic would lose to the weakest virus. 

Do not ask antibiotics to fight viruses! 

Bacteria used to run for their lives, 

At the mention of penicillin 

Penicillin, what a miracle from Flemings’ plate! 

Bacteria, some bacteria, no longer run. 

They fight back, harder every day. 

Penicillin, and other antibiotics, may lose the battle! 

If the battle is lost 

The young ones know, and the old ones know 

There will be nowhere to run, when disease, and death come knocking 

So, we will fight on the side of antibiotics. 

We will handle antibiotics with care. 

And we will not ask antibiotics to fight viruses! 

TB or not TB? 

A mother takes her teenage son to the hospital after the son becomes severely ill at home. 
This short film (TB or not TB?) was conceived and produced by young people in Kilifi, Kenya, as part of the Youth Against Antimicrobial Resistance (YAAR!) project. 
Actors include Tumaini Donald, Ellison Nyanje, Joyce Mwanza and Sera Fellister.

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