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Knowledge on antibiotic resistance shared in northern Vietnam

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

The YAAR! Youth Working Group (YWG) in northern Vietnam recently organised a series of activities to celebrate 2020’s World Antibiotic Awareness Week. This YWG includes four members, aged 17-20, who have worked under the auspices of YAAR! since September to help educate youth about the importance of responsible antibiotic use. On 20 November 2020, in the rural province of Nam Dinh, the YWG held a village event, where 28 children and young individuals participated in a quiz on the topic of bacteria and antibiotics.

In Hanoi, the YWG hosted a similar quiz on 22 November, which attracted 21 college students spanning the disciplines of pharmacy, banking and computer science.

Outside of these planned events, the YWG further engaged their friends at school in talks about antibiotic resistance by sharing comics on this topic.

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