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Healthy Chickens Need No Antibiotics (ViParc project)

Led by the Oxford University Clinical Research Unit Vietnam, with funding from Wellcome, ViParc is a randomized-control trial aiming to help farmers in the Mekong Delta raise healthy chickens using fewer antibiotics. This intervention package includes farmer training, regular farm visits, diagnostic support and non-antimicrobial alternatives. Our study discourages prophylactic use of antibiotics and instead emphasises good farming practices, which would minimise disease risks and thus reduce the need for antimicrobials.

Ms Vu Thi Quyen Giao, as Engagement Officer for ViParc, worked with young people at schools in the Mekong Delta. Together they created a script and produced an animated video for local veterinary pharmacists, with the aim of encouraging them to reduce the practice of prescribing antibiotics for healthy chickens.

Watch the animated video:

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