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AMR Awareness Survey

The YAAR project team designed a survey for young people aimed at assessing youth awareness of AMR. 1971 participants from 19 countries responded to the survey, 86.3% of whom did so online.


Most respondents were from Asia (85%), with the largest proportion of these from Vietnam (52.3%) – see map below. School closures across East Africa, due to Covid-19, meant that fewer than expected young people took part from this area (14% of respondents).


88.5% of respondents were between the ages of 7 and 24. It was these responses that were included in the analysis.


The survey comprised eleven statements to which participants could respond ‘agree’, ‘disagree’ or ‘unsure’. The eleven statements were divided into four categories: understanding of disease, understanding of antibiotics, understanding of antibiotic resistance, and behaviour in relation to antibiotics use. 


Responses were scored according to an index for correct responses. For each of the four categories there is an upward trend towards better understanding with increasing age. Overall, the survey indicates that participants understand antibiotics and antibiotic resistance least well, have moderate understanding of disease, and good awareness of appropriate behaviour regarding antibiotics. 

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